Beyond War Projects and Partnerships

Beyond War partners with projects which have a strong commitment to effective peace-building and conflict transformation using nonviolence as a strategy. Because nonviolence works!

Our projects

  • Recognise and support the aspirations of First Nations peoples.
  • Promote the theory and practice of social movement campaigning and nonviolence.
  • Assist those communities using nonviolence for an environmentally sustainable and peaceful planet.
  • Extend links with sister social justice organisations campaigning for peace and nonviolence.
  • Record and retell the stories of social change, and create resources from these stories that communities can use for peace.

Wage Peace

Pine Gap 6

Wage Peace provides strategic messaging and digital support for groups and campaigns disturbing war & militarism in Australia.

Wage Peace ‘organises’ and ‘mobilises’ to #EndWarCulture

Wage Peace creates a 'backbone' organisational structure to sustain research, projects, events, skill building and emerging campaigns.

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Education for a Peaceful World

Peace Bus - War Criminals Way - Pine Gap 

Beyond War's Education for a Peaceful World project offers webinars, education and workshops for organisers and people practicing the skills and theory of a Politics of Nonviolence. Organisers and community development workers require significant support as they become independent strategic thinkers, leaders and change makers. We have a small team of people carrying the wisdom of years of community based organising to share the skills, approaches, methods of group work, organising and strategy. 

Education for Peaceful World also carries out cross movement support in collaboration with the Wage Peace desk in supporting change - makers address civil liberties breaches and repression.  

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Peace in Papua

We Never Give Up

Peace In Papua is an international campaign to end state violence in West Papua. We work with our friends and partners in West Papua to help strengthen the capacity of First Nations civil resistance in West Papua. 

We also work with Australians so that they might dissent to Australian support for state violence in West Papua.  Peace in Papua responds to invitations from First Nations people in West Papua and their diaspora in their efforts to resist militarism and injustice imposed by repressive governments and where they are affected by exploitative transnational corporations.

All the people and communities we have worked with have asked us to accompany them as they search for ways out of violence.

Our work is based on relationships with the people most affected. We are focused on transforming structural problems and guided by a vision of participatory democracy, economic justice, peace, and ecological sanity.

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A Peaceable Sovereignty


Beyond War's First Nations partners have diverse aspirations and visions for the future. But together, recognition of the history and sovereignty of this Land is key. A Peaceable Sovereignty is the way Beyond War "pays the rent". A proportion of all donations will go to First Nations Projects for First Nations people in the Great South Land. 

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Peace Bus

Peace Bus - War Criminals Way - Pine Gap is involved with campaigns that witness for peace, justice and a sustaining Earth.

PeaceBus provides colourful visuals and creative support for grassroots projects and events: banners, flags, posters, effigies, art installations; right where you want them on the creative edge of direct action.

PeaceBus is a colourful and crusading 1996 Mitsubishi L300 van. Graeme Dunstan is its grey nomad Captain.

Graeme comes from a career in festivals and events in Northern NSW. He continues to apply his skills in occupying public places and getting noticed in the exercise of social movements for peace, justice and a sustaining Earth. Peace Bus supports the Tent Embassy in Canberra amongst other projects.

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