Peace In Papua

Peace In Papua: Ending State Violence in West Papua

Peace In Papua is an international campaign to end state violence in West Papua. We work with our friends and partners in West Papua to help strengthen the capacity of First Nations civil resistance in West Papua.

We also work with Australians so that they might rise up and take action against Australian support for state violence in West Papua.  Peace in Papua responds to invitations from First Nations people in West Papua and their diaspora in their efforts to resist militarism and injustice imposed by repressive governments and where they are affected by exploitative transnational corporations.

All the people and communities we have worked with have asked us to accompany them as they search for ways out of violence.

Our work is based on relationships with the people most affected. We are focused on transforming structural problems and guided by a vision of participatory democracy, economic justice, peace, and ecological sanity.

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Peace in Papua works for change in these 5 key ways.

1. We act in solidarity with people opposing state violence and militarism in West Papua.

2. We conduct events and activities in Australia which highlight Australia's support for corporations in weapons exports to Indonesia.

3. We tell the stories of West Papuans as requested by those in West Papua. Centring the voices and experience of our friends in West Papua.

4. We encourage and facilitate international (overseas) solidarity and involvement of ordinary people against state violence in West Papua. To this end we have already created the 

5. We prepare for additional sets of campaigns related to state violence in West Papua so that we are ready when opportunities arise.

  • #StopTrainingKillers Australian Federal Police train Indonesian police
  • #StopArmingKllers The ADF  - Special Services - train Indonesian military and police.
  • #TearUptheLombokTreaty Australian politicians are required to explicitly stay silent on Human Rights abuse issues in Indonesia. 
  • #StopKillingUs Many global weapons companies in Australia are preparing to export weapons and components from Australia to Indonesia.