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Beyond War Australia

When the whole world is on fire the last thing we need is more matches. 

In times of war - and we are in a time of endless war - we should be preparing for peace, not more war. 
The total world military spend rose to US$1739 billion in 2017. With that came devastation of fragile eco-systems and violence against people who were living in communities already saturated with military solutions. We know that the trauma of this violence impacts people's emotional and physical health for generations. We know people made homeless by war with their children threatened by the violence it brings, these people have left their homes and are looking desperately for a refuge for their loved ones. We know that the military are using tremendous amounts of fossil fuels, to make and fly their bombs, their ships, their jets and their drones.
In Australia we are a part of this cycle. Our universities and our war memorials are funded by weapons corporations. Our migration system has been militarised. Our police forces sometimes look like military forces. We are participating in the team raining bombs on people far away. For what? 

We refuse to be silent and afraid. We refuse to bow to violence. We refuse to give up hope because we believe in a better world. We will build a better future, beyond war. 

Look what our partners are doing in West Papua and in Australia to stand against war. People standing up to the military might of US bases, students saying no to war in universities, people saying no to unjust stealing of their minerals and killing their people.

Our partners are making a difference using and spreading the practices of direct action and conflict transformation. These a political practices used by ordinary people. Our partners stand with and support other activists and seed new and emerging movements with skill sharing and connections. Even in the harshest regimes with significant levels of violence, they stand, they teach, they act and say "No! We will find another way!"

The front line is everywhere. Stand with us and make a difference.

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