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Beyond War Australia

The whole world is on fire and the last thing we need now is more matches. Nonetheless, the total world military spend rose again this year, just like last. This means more human suffering, environmental destruction and trauma for generations to come. 

Australia is part of this. Our armed forces are participating in wars around the world. Our schools and universities, even our war memorials receive funding from weapons corporations. Our migration, law-enforcement and security agencies are all becoming increasingly militarised. 

We need solutions to the endless violence and suffering. We need to think and act for peace. We need to take a stand for the good of all mankind and the planet.

We are those who refuse to be silent and afraid. We refuse to bow to violence. We refuse to give up hope in a better world. Together, we will build a better future, a future beyond war. 

The front line is everywhere. Stand with us and make a difference.


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