Introducing Beyond War

To our Wage Peace friends, 

(updated in 2023)

We started Wage Peace - transformed from #StopTalismanSaber Peace Convergence participants and supporters  - to create a broader base which could bolster direct actions and peace events in Australia. Militarism in Australia is on the rise. We want to support and rebuild effective anti-militarism work in Australia.

You've probably joined us for actions - either online or in the flesh. Maybe you stood with us at Disrupt Land Forces in 2021 or 2022. 

It's been a pleasure to set up arrangements for organising which might be used by grassroots groups and projects. Ordinary people working for peace now have access to a broad support team: You.

It makes a huge difference to those participating in mobilisations, events and location based organising such as the Disrupt Land Forces, Pine Gap PilgrimsFrontier Wars and Quaker Grannies to know that you are watching and waiting, ready to be called out if necessary.

Quaker Grannies Frontier Wars Carl Fourmile leads the traditional dance 6 Pine Gap Pilgrims by Kieran Finnane

These projects are mostly created in volunteer time. Anti-militarism work has about 10-12 paid-worker days total per week across 4-5 organisations - for the whole of Australia. Compare that to climate change which has dozens of paid workers - or even a small regional environment centre which might have as many for a single town.

Wage Peace doesn't access charity or tax deductible status because we can't be compromised by Government demands. Our projects must challenge the heart of the system.

So we wanted to make sure you know about this new project; we introduce you to


Beyond War

Beyond War aims to fund and resource a set of renewed anti-militarism activities: challenging weapons manufacturers influence in our educational institutions, Australian militarism in West Papua or $200B++ for 'defence capabilities'.

Beyond War will access resources from people outside the movement. We regard you as our "in-movement" supporters. You are already active or giving.

If you want to follow Beyond War - you don't have to do anything.

But if your interest is just Wage Peace, then choose this option and you will opt out of Beyond War.


Wage Peace will continue to provide action alerts and pathways, support activist initiatives and encourage more complicated movement participation.

Beyond War will reach out to new people in the community, meeting people face to face and encouraging them to support peace work on a regular basis. Beyond War updates will give a general overview of the peace projects it is backing. You can of course make a regular donation.beyond-war-donate-trans-250px_2.png

We will invite Australians who are sick of this war culture to contribute to a growing peace movement for everyone.

Yours in peace, 

Margaret Pestorius

for Beyond War, and Wage Peace. 

Both organisations will share the email platform but you can choose just Wage Peace through this link.