Beyond War's "Education for a Peaceful World" Project

It's 2023. Beyond War got a little lost in the pandemic as we withdrew from our vibrant presence in the public market spaces of Northern NSW. We are back! With a new set of projects. We've added Education for a Peaceful World to our suite of projects. It could just as well be Education for Peace and Justice and Climate Action because our relationships and connections are in all those areas.  Wage Peace is thriving and you are welcome to donate just to that awesome little project. We've run two mobilisations in Brisbane against the weapons trade at the Disrupt Land Forces.        Continue reading

Beyond War in the Pandemic

Beyond War's projects continue to flourish in the Pandemic.  Wage Peace has been able to grow our work online supporting our West Papuan partner Make West Papua Safe with a series of webinars exploring the situation in West Papua. We were also wanting to link West Papuan people involved with civil resistance and localised politics and human rights directly with people on the ground in Australia. Direct relationships people to people diplomacy is a strong way to build solidarity campaigns.      Continue reading

Beyond War is Underway! Check Our First Projects!

It's been a busy start for 2019 for the Beyond War project partners. We promised to keep you up to date. Your contributions mean all the world to us and help hugely building a movement creating a just and peaceful world. With your help, our partners are out and about. PeaceBus has been activating the summer in the southern states. #WagePeace assisted associates with digital campaigning. Pasifika has continued to train leaders in the volatile and unrelenting context of West Papua. A Peaceable Sovereignty supported First Nations connection to Country near the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area. We hope you will read these stories and be inspired. Your contributions go a long way directly supporting activists on the ground.  In peace and solidarity, Margaret Pestorius Continue reading

Establishing the Beyond War Projects

Welcome to our friends and supporters at Beyond War. We promised to keep you up to date with our projects. We are so happy to have you onboard creating a just and peaceful world which acknowledges past wrongs and takes steps to set things right. Thank you. Salam. With your help, our partner organisations are making a difference. We haven’t waited to be fully funded to get the ball rolling. In the following email we are sharing the first reports from three important projects. PeaceBus has significantly grown awareness of the Frontier Wars. #WagePeace has been building a strong organisational base for peace activities and events. And Pasifika has gathered and recorded the testimony of massacre survivors in West Papua as well as trained leaders in civil resistance in PNG. We hope you will read these stories and be inspired. Tell people what you read about. Feel free to pass this email on to your friends. Let’s build a peaceful future without weapons and the old colonial violence. In peace and solidarity, Margaret Pestorius Continue reading