Beyond War's "Education for a Peaceful World" Project

It's 2023. Beyond War got a little lost in the pandemic as we withdrew from our vibrant presence in the public market spaces of Northern NSW.

We are back! With a new set of projects. We've added Education for a Peaceful World to our suite of projects. It could just as well be Education for Peace and Justice and Climate Action because our relationships and connections are in all those areas. 

Wage Peace is thriving and you are welcome to donate just to that awesome little project. We've run two mobilisations in Brisbane against the weapons trade at the Disrupt Land Forces. 




Peace in Papua has emerged from our work on intervening with Australia's contribution to State violence in West Papua. The website is complete. Through it we call to righteous people across the earth to stop the flow of weapons that drives colonial violence in West Papua. Australia is totally complicit with over 200 licenses granted for weapons exports to Indonesia in the last 2 years. NO!

A Peaceable Sovereignty chuggs along. Some of our income goes to First Nations aspirations. An activist attending a conference, a group with a small unfunded project. We have been pleased to support Boe Spearim's Frontier War Podcast over the last two years. It really is an awesome project that fits closely with our work acknowledging and truth telling in People to People ceremonies commemorating the Frontier Wars. 

Best wishes for 2023.

If you've been a Beyond War supporter in the past. Please consider contributing regularly again. You make a huge difference to us.

Margie Pestorius

If you've been a Beyond War supporter in the past. Please consider joining again.

Margie Pestorius