Peace Bus

140425FrontierWarGroup1.jpg is involved with campaigns that witness for peace, justice and a sustaining Earth.

PeaceBus provides colourful visuals and creative support for grassroots projects and events: banners, flags, posters, effigies, art installations; right where you want them on the creative edge of direct action.

PeaceBus is a colourful and crusading 1996 Mitsubishi L300 van. Graeme Dunstan is its grey nomad Captain.

Graeme comes from a career in festivals and events in Northern NSW. He continues to apply his skills in occupying public places and getting noticed in the exercise of social movements for peace, justice and a sustaining Earth. Peace Bus supports the Tent Embassy in Canberra amongst other projects.


Graeme began his nomad journey in 1998.  In Victoria during summer and Queensland in winter, he follows the sun and has no base; rather he has multiple docks, a rich and extended network of friends with whom he has shared event making.

Graeme works with local communities to create flags displays that continue to enhance their resistance events long after he goes.

Its part of a never ending art installation: He says: "Turn off the TV sets, turn towards kindness. Turn to friends who are kind to you and help extend that kindness to others. Speak up and speak out about your fears and concerns. Be visible and be heard. Make art together. Occupy public pace and public imagination. Build community. Build resistance. Community resistance. Sustainable resistance. For the Earth!"


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