Project Partner: Wage Peace


Wage Peace provides strategic messaging and digital assistance for several groups and campaigns disturbing war & militarism in Australia.

Wage Peace ‘organises’ and ‘mobilises’ to #EndWarCulture

Wage Peace creates a 'backbone' organisational structure to sustain research, projects, systems, events, skill building and emerging campaigns.

Wage Peace creates supportive arrangements for groups disturbing war and militarism to #EndWarCulture.
As a project facilitator, Wage Peace doesn't need to take the kudos for campaigns and projects but supports from behind creating digital platforms, capacity building, messaging and linking. 25 years in the peace movement means we have contacts.
If you want to get actively involved in the peace movement - either online or in the real world - sign up at Wage Peace. 

Wage Peace
  • Amplifies messages for existing events activities and campaigns
  • Keeps workable digital platforms for occasional/ short term/ intermittent activities, campaigns and events
  • Reveals/ provides pathways for people/ participants/ volunteers to become more active and committed
  • Joins people and projects to maximise effect 
  • Builds capacity at every level
                  Sometimes, just sometimes, we create the spark ...